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Our Story

Getting Started

See that table?  That’s what got it all started.  Nick’s wife, Jessica, had a dream and Nick was going to make it come true.  He pulled in his friend from church and work, Ryan Corrigan, to give technical advice and help.  The result ended up being more than a place to eat meals.  A partnership full of passion was created.  Ever since that first project, countless other dreams have become a reality using the combined passion of this team.

Our Team

The Crew


Nick grew up in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky.  As the son of an entrepreneur, he spent many summers learning the tried and true ways of running a business. While earning his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Kentucky, he spent his time building and remodeling houses in Lexington. He later went on to also earn his Master’s degree in civil engineering.
After college, he began working for a local general contractor as a job site project manager.  Later Nick would hire on with the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture as a Facilities Management design engineer. While working at UK, he started a home improvement company, Trademark Custom Construction, with two friends specializing in outdoor remodeling. One of those friends was Ryan Corrigan, who he’d later team up with in creating Lakeside Woodworks.
When Nick is not at the shop, you can find him exploring Kentucky with his family, shuffling his two boys between sports, or cheering on the Kentucky Wildcats to victory.


Ryan grew up in both in Canton, Ohio and Lexington, Kentucky. After graduating high school, Ryan went to St Louis to attend the American Woodworking Academy. While attending school, he worked in a commercial cabinet shop to support him and his new bride.  Before graduating from the Academy, Ryan was asked to teach the master woodworking course. After instructing for just over a year, he and his wife moved back to Lexington to open up his cabinet shop: Celtic Cross Woodworks.
After several years running Celtic Cross, Ryan decided to talk a position with the Lexington Woodcraft store as the store manager, and then later moved to the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture where he is now the Facilities Management Construction Supervisor.   Throughout his time at Woodcraft and now UK, Ryan helped Nick start both Trademark Construction and now Lakeside Woodworks.
When he isn’t at UK, his shop, helping his parents run their farm, or coaching both his kids in several sports, Ryan is at Lakeside being the master woodworker that he is and, in his words, making cool stuff.


Jessica grew up on a family farm in Chandler, Indiana. She studied psychology and art at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. After studying abroad in Italy, she moved to Lexington, Kentucky to attend UK and took on various roles in interior design and drafting.
After moving to Kentucky, Jessica met Nick and planted roots here and began building their family in Georgetown. She has started several businesses of her own and homeschools her two boys Caleb and Taylor. She currently heads up the Lakeside social media presence and plays a critical role in our marketing strategy.
When she’s not instructing her boys, posting to Lakeside social media accounts, and taking care of her house and the shop, you can find Jessica soaking up the sun while reading a good book on her back deck.


Meet Rosie. Our supervisor shop dog is a Golden Retriever who loves to fetch tennis balls and have a good scratch behind her ears. She’ll greet you well before she sees you and will dance at your feet to get a rub on the head. Her specialties include chewing bark, stealing the shop cat’s food, and napping by a pile of sawdust.
When Rosie isn’t at the shop, you’ll find her dozing in the sun or chasing birds in the yard.
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