September 15, 2016

About Us


Our Story

See that table?  That's what got it all started.  Nick's wife, Jessica, had a dream and Nick was going to make it come true.  He pulled in his friend from church and work, Ryan Corrigan, to give technical advice and help.  The result ended up being more than a place to eat meals.  A partnership full of passion was created.  Ever since that first project, countless other dreams have become reality using the combined passion of this team.

Meet the Team

It's not machines and conveyor belts that are creating pieces for Lakeside Woodworks, it's the passion and skill of a few good men.  We'd love for you to get to know us a little here, but we'd really love to connect with you in person.


Nick Arlinghaus


Nick grew up around construction sites and equipment, and enjoyed working with his hands from a young age. He is a civil engineer by education and a jack of all trades. Woodworking started off as a hobby and over time saw the joy and flexibility in this craft. Having previously co owned and operated a small construction business for several years, he decided to transition into custom woodworking. The opportunity to work every day in the wood shop with his family became an overwhelming desire. In the summer of 2016, Nick decided to make the leap and begin full time woodworking. He loves to bring wood and metal to life!


Ryan Corrigan


Ryan has worked as a craftsman for many years and finds tremendous joy when creating things from wood.  He is a master carpenter at the University of Kentucky by day and co-founder of Lakeside Woodworks by night.  He has a great passion for his family.  His years of experience with woodworking allows your custom piece to have a professional finish.




Cody is a natural born supervisor with an eye for the details.  When Nick and Ryan are working tirelessly to finish a project, Cody slips in an extra nap to make sure the team meets it's sleep quota.  He loves hanging around the shop and being helpful when he can.

Let's get started on your project.

The best day to get started is today and we can't wait to get a vision for your next conversation piece.  Contact us and let's make your dream a reality.